hawaii 2014 re-cap

Back in mid-April I went to a Hawaii destination wedding. It was lotsa of fun, lots of old family friends that used to live in Calgary, great wedding!!

Here are some pics. It was in Honolulu, the big island.   It was such a relief after 4 months of snow/ice/cold.

First day just walked Waikiki Beach.  Mahalo.

photo 3 (6)
take me back
photo 1 (13)
Entering Jurassic Park!! Nature hike with ze family
photo 3 (9)
Wedding took place overlooking the water!
photo 2 (10)
hawaii sunsets
image (3)
groom doesn’t walk today!
image (1)
my brother photo bombing the brides maids!
photo 4 (11)
The groom has arrived (on a horse!)
image (2)
image (6)
lots of hula dancing later in the evening
loved this copy writing at bar while walking in maui!
loved this copy writing for a bar while in maui


P.S. Here’s some travel video footage from my trusty iphone4S. Will get a new camera soonish. I keep saying it, I know.


Also: got some more posts coming up, stay tuned

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