(no alcohol) in june. part two


Guess what?

Justin and I’ve lasted without drinking alcoholic beverages for 17 days!!

This past weekend was little less tough than previous ones. It’s still weird to be in a bar without drinking. 10 years of programming does that to you. I think for most people my age – June is a top 5 drinking month.

ALSO, I’m a big fan of watching the World Cup action at a bar/pub so that has made it slightly hard at times. Everyones has a beer in hand shouting ‘gooaaal’.  That Messi goal against Bosnia this past Sunday was thing of a beauty.

But somehow we’ve managed to just order more food and drink water/Ice tea. You need to have someone hold you accountable for this kind of challenge .

Because a one man island can’t get it done.   Especially when I have other friends whose mission is to make us abort this whole experiment! Too Bad.



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