how would you make 10,000 (in a month)?

Yesterday I wrote about 13 different ways to make 100 or even 1000 dollars in thirty days.

Okay let’s think bigger.

What about getting to the 10,000 dollar level?

Could be thinking of a new promotion to your existing business.

Some random ideas that work for my situation. Your situation will of course depend on your existing resources, skill level in an area, etc.

  • Find dentists/chiropractors. Sell 10 local business apps for 1,000 piece. Maybe just find 5, charge a bit more for extra features.
  • Create a business conference. Find sponsors and also sell tickets. Get 6-7 CEO’s of cool companies in Calgary area  to talk about different aspects of business (sales, copywriting, accounting, etc). This one takes some planning, hustling and an email list.
  • Hold a client night at your existing business. 3-4 new customer relationships can get you there.
  • Book a booth at Home/Interior Design Show (in my case) that has traffic of 10,000 plus people.
  • Arbitrage. Use Amazon/Ebay to sell antique furniture. We would really have to hustle, 10 or more pieces to reach that outcome. Need to do more research on this.
  • Go after 1-2 clients. Propose to re-work copywriting/full service website & marketing.

Just a matter of picking one and laser focusing on it.  Wasn’t this a good creative exercise for the mind?

How would you make $100 (in a month)?

Every day I write in my journal. I write 3 main to do’s and then little to do’s ones to accomplish those.

On top of that, I like to write random thoughts, cool quotes and something recently – business ideas. I read James Altucher’s book Choose Yourself, where he mentions you should come up with ideas every day.

For example, how would you go about earning an extra $100 in 30 days?

Extra $100 a month doesn’t have to be so hard.

Let’s brainstorm:

  1. It could be as simple as cleaning some small business store’s windows.
  2. Mowing your neighbours lawns in the summer or shovelling there snow in the winter.
  3. What about writing content for blogs devoted to interior design or travel? Email one today.
  4. Rent our your apartment using Airbnb. It’s the sharing economy!!
  5. Do Book keeping for a small business if you have Quickbooks knowledge.
  6. Sell OLD stuff. clothes, guitars, old computers, ipads, camera’s on or have ol fashion yard sale.
  7. Installing wordpress/shopify site for a client.
  8. Walk dogs. You also get exercise. Call all your friends who are about to go outta town.
  9. All the time I see small businesses that have a website, but are using gmail, yahoo, etc. for their company email address. Email them saying you could create one with their domain.
  10.  Copywriting for a small business. Write their emails when people sign up. Maybe charge more than 100 dollars.
  11.   Offer marketing consulting.
  12. Workshop on how to outsource/build iphone apps. I would charge more than 100 again.
  13. Workshop for 55 yr old + people :How to use an iphone/android device, send pics, get music, etc with ease. Pain Free! Email all your parents friends. Maybe just go after four people – charge them 25 bucks each include free starbucks coffee lol and hold it at Starbucks.

This was fun. Some of the later ideas actually may fetch more than 100 dollars.  Perhaps even one thousand dollars. Hmm. How would you make an extra hundred or even one thousand dollars?

dressing better

This is something I’ve known for a long time, but really noticed the difference when visiting NYC.

People dress way better in the Big Apple. They’re very trendy, like FIVE years ahead of us.  Happy to report all Canadians will be rocking leather skirts in 2019!!


But to be serious, I was starting to feel a little uneasy about my social confidence after seeing all these well dressed peeps.

“I need to get better fitting pants!” I said to myself.  Dudes rolled up there pants a bit more than usual in NYC.  Is that cool? What will people think if I did this in conservative Calgary?  All these stellar thoughts started entering my mind.

But overall, from my experience, you feel a whole lot BETTER when you dress better.  This maybe saying the obvious, but people perceive you quite differently when you wear a tailored suit vs. a sleeveless denim jacket. It’s the difference of actually having the sales reps talk to you. Try it out yourself.

Please don’t listen to this talk:  “it doesn’t matter how you look” and  “if you have to dress well,  than you’re not talking to the right people”. This is a fallacy.

My more fashion aware friends in Soho forced me to wear better fitting darks pants and dark shirt before we walked to this trendy roof top club. And guess what happened?  I definitely got more looks than usual.

BTW, I’ve heard that wearing leather boots on a date gives you a leg up. I’m gonna test this out.

On the Art of Manliness blog, they mention that shoes are VERY important  “despite covering only 5% of your body they can make-up more than 30% of the visual judgement we make when sizing up a stranger.”  Read more by clicking here. In other words:  Don’t wear some ragged ass beat up gym shoes on dates.

To get more deeper, this is all about the psychology of feeling good.  You want to be in a good mood more often.  There’s this idea called the state of transference. This means whatever state you’re in is the state the other person will feel too.  I’m not making this up!

If you’re laughing other people will also laugh. There is this book – Emotional intelligence- it elaborates on how we have mirror neurons where others can feel intuitively your emotional state.  It’s super fascinating. You can read a quick wikipedia version by clicking here.  Anyways, over time you wanna get to a point where your emotional state is based on yourself, not affected by others.

Wearing better clothes is a good start.

keeping backups

Recently I’ve been a huge fan of buying duplicates of something.

  • Two Macbook pro chargers (one at work, one in my bag). Same with phone chargers. Extra earphones. It’s funny how reluctant I was to do this.
  • Extra gym shirts. So I don’t wear the same ol sweaty ones over again.
  • Buy more groceries. My freezer is full of meat. I tend to run out of food, so this forces me to make more food at home, instead of visiting Mucho Burrito or some healthy fast food or my weakness – Shawarma – for a meal. Still working on this.
  • Extra Pens in the apartment and in my bag. I do a lot of writing in my notebook. I always lose pens.
  • Extra Floss. Actually been flossing more in past one year and a half, cos it’s always there in my bathroom.

In hindsight, the extra $50 improved my quality of life in a huge way.

I’m curious, what’s one inexpensive purchase you made that improved your life in a BIG way?

NYC trip Sept 2014

Back in September I went on a short little vacay to NYC.

Was rad times. Love the vibe of the city. I could live there for a little bit. But it would be expensive. Manhattan is like a millionaires mall. Not sure if it’s affordability allows for young people to take chances.

Brooklyn was cool too. There was a ton of tasty restaurants close to our Airbnb, which I highly recommend using. Have you heard of Airbnb? It’s a website for people to rent out apartments and houses. 

Not only do you save money on accommodation, but its just a more fun personal way to visit a city. In this particular case, we rented out the entire apartment for more privacy.

I made a short video of our stay, including a tour of our Airbnb apartment!

Interested in checking out this place yourself ? Just email me – and I’ll send you the link.

Peace Out.


summer 2014 videos

I had a decently eventful summer this year. Many weddings attended. Not a lot of travelling apart from San Francisco and just very recently NYC.

I happened to document some of these memories onto video. Check ’em out:

Nothing too embarrassing I hope!! I edited the bad parts out.

Summer Shenanigans 2014:

Also my ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Vid

I ll get better at making these.  I really enjoy filming and editing.

Need to invest in some better tools ie video equipment. And devote more time to editing.