NYC trip Sept 2014

Back in September I went on a short little vacay to NYC.

Was rad times. Love the vibe of the city. I could live there for a little bit. But it would be expensive. Manhattan is like a millionaires mall. Not sure if it’s affordability allows for young people to take chances.

Brooklyn was cool too. There was a ton of tasty restaurants close to our Airbnb, which I highly recommend using. Have you heard of Airbnb? It’s a website for people to rent out apartments and houses. 

Not only do you save money on accommodation, but its just a more fun personal way to visit a city. In this particular case, we rented out the entire apartment for more privacy.

I made a short video of our stay, including a tour of our Airbnb apartment!

Interested in checking out this place yourself ? Just email me – and I’ll send you the link.

Peace Out.


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