how would you make 10,000 (in a month)?

Yesterday I wrote about 13 different ways to make 100 or even 1000 dollars in thirty days.

Okay let’s think bigger.

What about getting to the 10,000 dollar level?

Could be thinking of a new promotion to your existing business.

Some random ideas that work for my situation. Your situation will of course depend on your existing resources, skill level in an area, etc.

  • Find dentists/chiropractors. Sell 10 local business apps for 1,000 piece. Maybe just find 5, charge a bit more for extra features.
  • Create a business conference. Find sponsors and also sell tickets. Get 6-7 CEO’s of cool companies in Calgary area  to talk about different aspects of business (sales, copywriting, accounting, etc). This one takes some planning, hustling and an email list.
  • Hold a client night at your existing business. 3-4 new customer relationships can get you there.
  • Book a booth at Home/Interior Design Show (in my case) that has traffic of 10,000 plus people.
  • Arbitrage. Use Amazon/Ebay to sell antique furniture. We would really have to hustle, 10 or more pieces to reach that outcome. Need to do more research on this.
  • Go after 1-2 clients. Propose to re-work copywriting/full service website & marketing.

Just a matter of picking one and laser focusing on it.  Wasn’t this a good creative exercise for the mind?

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