number one marketer


I’m going to make a bold claim here.

You know who I think is the Number one marketer of all time?  Guess.  You would never guess it: Buddha .

He became so popular in India within 50 years and eventually the rest of Asia and by how ?  By expressing how his philosophy works for him. He told people how something worked for him. His friends tried it and it worked for them too. Ashoka The Great of India loved his philosophy and spread the message even further. The cycle continued, etc.


Same thing I noticed with Richard Branson. His biggest following I found to be isn’t on facebook or twitter but on linked in!  He’s known as this cool, adrenaline junkie businessman. You should follow him on LinkedIn and also add me on while you’re at it (click here).

He recently wrote a piece on the importance of taking notes.  And it reasoned with a lot of people. Initially I was dumb founded by this. Why? Because as  a billionaire he’s probably disconnected from the average worker.  But the thing is people relate to him because despite his luxury lifestyle, he has habits that are relatable and plus he’s writing from his perspective, which is all he can do. Being a sorta of hippie and having long hair must help too in promoting his Virgin empire.

Other things is because of the internet, everyone (even you) is getting smarter and smarter if they’re curious enough. You can find anything you didn’t know about 2 mins before.  It’s hard to be too dishonest with people nowadays like say in 1920 or even 1980’s: or even a thousand years ago during the time of Buddha. You can only say how it works for you !! That’s why people skip descriptions and go straight to reviews.   They want to know if others like them found your product worthwhile.

Some random thoughts 😉

Peace out.


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