Reading party in the park! Part three

Yo peeps,

I hosted my third Reading Party In The Park a couple weeks ago! About 20 people showed up. Though almost 30 folks confirmed with me.

Flakes I tell ya.

I did one last year which you can read about by clicking here. I had roughly the same turn out.

There was some healthy snacks like sliced cantaloupe and watermelon.  I also had cans of San Pellegrino for anyone who came cos I’m fancy.

I was personally reading a memoir by Jerry Weintraub called “When I Stop Talking You ll know I’m dead.” He was a famous talent agent that worked with everyone in the entertainment industry – ie. Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Clooney, etc.  Fun, light read.

Two people randomly brought the same book to the party ! It was Daring Greatly by Bene Brown. I should pick that up soon. Great minds think alike I suppose.

Below are some pics from the event:











P.S. I’ll write a post soon on the books I’ve been reading this summer.  Don’t forget to get  yo READ on.





Ten Apple Watch ideas

photo credit: Susie Ochs
photo credit: Susie Ochs

Happy August y’all,

Recently got back in the habit of writing ten ideas down every day. One of the subjects I decided to brain storm on was the new Apple Watch.

While I was travelling in Scotland recently, one of my friends was wearing the new Apple Watch.  He had one app in particular that’s a way better than that  super annoying but popular – selfie stick.

There is a timer photo app that allows you to put your iPhone on a ledge for instance and snap a photo using the watch. Nifty fifty.

I feel right now is the best time to create an app for this newly created Apple Watch platform. Why? Less competition for starters.

I read an article  by Andrew Chen called ” The race for Apple Watch’s killer app” where he talks about what ingredients are necessary for a killer Watch app. Among other things in this article he talks about the mobile apps for iphone led to huge companies like Snapchat, Uber, and Whatsapp.  Similar things could happen with wearable apps.


Without further adieu, here are my Apple Watch Apps that I would like use. It doesn’t matter that they already exist or not, I think they would be helpful for me:

  1.  Universal translator: It listens to the spanish/hindi/chinese speaker etc. Voice translation in English. I realize this is a Star Trek level app.

  2. Tells you how many laps you complete in the pool (water proof cover)

  3. Tells you how many yards you are from the golf hole. So you know what iron to use.

  4. Tells you how fast your golf/tennis/etc swing is. Is this possible? Who knows.

  5. In busy traffic, gives route suggestions when driving using google api.

  6. For elderly people sends notifications to important family members when they fall down.

  7. Dims the lights in your living room for sexy time (9 pm)

  8. Sends notifications when your fav roknrol band announces tour date/venue in your ciudad.

  9.  Sends me healthy paleo style dinner after my workout is complete while driving home.

  10. Alerts you when someone mentions you on fb or twitter or instragram or linked in.

bonus:   Tap your apple watch next to visa machine. Don’t need to get your credit card out. BOOM.