this is how you write a great headline.

I’ve been studying copy writing for the past 2-3 years very closely.

Today  I will write about an ad I really loved.

One habit I got into when I began studying copy writing is saving cool ads I see. Every time I come across an effective advertisement I immediately save the image or take photo of it and save it on my Iphone.

I keep a swipe image folder in my phone devoted to this called Swipe.  I also have one on my desktop of my lap top called Swipe. You should make one too if you’re into improving your copy skills.

Recently, while browsing twitter (I still love twitter) I came across this famous ad from 80’s (?). I’m not a huge car guy, but this headline sucked me in 4 seconds.


Now that’s a great headline. Nailing it.  I haven’t seen many ads by this company, but I would say this is the Porsche of Porsche ads.

One common thing I noticed about old ads:

  1. Huge Headline to grab your attention. And Makes you want to read the next line.
  2. Image relevant to what’s being sold.
  3.  The copy.

One thing I really liked about this ad is the ending sentence. “It is, in fact, the Porsche of stereos.” Tying it all together. Nice copy.

More importantly it proves a point about copy.  It doesn’t have to be scammy sounding to grab people’s attention.  That’s what my initial thought was when I first heard about copy writing and marketing. I kept seeing bullshit headlines on the web like –  ” How to make passive income online in 50 days!” Doesn’t have to be like that.

What does this ad make you feel? Great copy almost doesn’t even register. It just makes you want to spend money.


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