Books I’ve been reading in 2016

Reading is important, everyone knows that. But do we make time to read like we do with sleeping and eating? Unfortunately not many of us do not. You rather binge watch House of Cards Season 4.  I haven’t even seen a single episode yet!

Here’s all the books I’ve read in 2016.

  • Mate by Tucker Max  and Geoffrey Miller– Tucker Max wrote outrageous books about getting with girls in the 00’s. He teams up with dating scientist (yes such thing exists) to add some credibility to this subject. Oddly not a lot of books on this subject. Aziz Ansari’s Modern Romance is more about the online dating world.  This book is quite conversational and well researched.  In a sense I feel it’s less about meeting girls and its more a marketing book. Wear leather boots on first dates guys!  Lots of actionable tips that have worked for me.
  • Tartar Steppe by Dino Buzzati  – This is an Italian book from 1930’s translated into English.  It’s a tale of young solider in northern mountainous Italy assigned to military post overlooking nothing. He wonders what he’s doing with his life. Time is passing, yet he feels obligated to stay on so he can be Captain one day. Waiting for a war that may never happen. It’s a haunting read.
  • How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life by Russ Roberts.  – Adam Smith is the father of economics. He’s famous for his book “The Wealth of Nations “.  Yet people don’t realize he wrote another book before this one called Theory of Moral Sentiments.  This is a modern take on that. Adam Smith had a deep understanding of human nature.  He discusses why we shouldn’t be addicted to our modern gadgets. He also has deep thoughts on the pursuit of fame, of money, and the value of an “indifferent spectator” guiding your actions.
  • Why I Write by George Orwell –Written back in 1940. It’s a collection of essays on why he writes.  The third essay he discusses socialism, fascism and capitalism. Important subject in those days when the threat of Hitler and Nazi’s taking over England was possible. It’s funny many people still don’t know the difference between socialism  and communism!   The final essay talks about how political language is jumbled up English to persuade you murder is acceptable. You can finish it one day.
  • Creatocracy by Elizabeth Wurtzel  – This was OK.  It’s central thesis is the United States had this intellectual property clause written in the constitution that led to much of the innovations/wealth we see today in Silicon Valley and Hollywood. She’s has a weak but interesting argument that fear of poverty is needed for creativity. She thinks every great musician only comes from the States.  Axel Rose wasn’t the last real rock’n’roll star. That would be the Gallagher brothers from England. She has a amazing insight about how rival ideas affect our consumption of them.   

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