must-watch docu : The Roosevelts

Since Thursday I’ve  been absolutely hooked on the Roosevelt documentary by filmmaker Ken Burns and Geoffrey Ward. It’s on Netflix.

It’s about one of the most interesting and perhaps most important family’s of the 19th and 20th century.

The film discusses the rise of the first US President of the 1900’s – Theodore Roosevelt. It masterfully blends talking about his family and then the younger generation, such as his niece – Elanor Roosevelt, who later marries her fifth blood related cousin Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Now a lot of the footage is black and white, lots of great photographs, but what really captures you is the narration. Not dry at all. The hardship, the obstacles and the huge personality of Theodore Roosevelt especially caught my attention. What a hero. The guy was a non-stop doer.

I’ve probably learned more about US and world history watching this documentary (released in 2014)  than any university or school course.

Anyways, must watch in between you’re binge sessions of Fuller House and Narcos.

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