The best people move fast.

The best people move fast.

One productivity tactic I’ve been aiming to get better at is following up with people immediately after they contact me.

If they email me I answer it right away once I open it.

Short and imperfect is better than wasting time deliberating what to say.

Out of mind, out of sight.

Apparently this is also the the #1 productivity tip of Sheryl Sandberg, the un-official CEO of Facebook. You can google it.

I’ve also been doing this when people text me.

Now of course if I’m at the Arcade Fire concert or in a movie or driving in my car there will be a delay. Because that activity is the priority.

You gotta figure out what’s the priority for you. Maybe it’s based on the relationship.

Getting back to people has been one of my weak spots. Maybe no longer after this.

Let’s see how this evolves. The point is to make decisions faster.