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Today, ladies and gentleman,  I’m doing a post on my friends honey business : Wild Rose Honey, which produces honey just outside of Calgary.

You can check out  the website by clicking here.

Anyways, this post is an  example of hustling.

Several months ago,  there was a documentary screening at a local independent movie theater. It was about the disturbing trend of decreasing bee populations that is occurring worldwide. Somehow my friend got word of this documentary (he’s a bee keeper) and decided to have a little fun.

Now, there are all sorts of concerns about how decreasing bee populations affect the environment. But what really interested me was that my business savvy bee keeper and his friends decided to create a booth outside the cinema hall and sell honey right after the film was over!

So smart.  Why??

Everyone attending was already interested in honey, thus this led to many sales. Easy peasy japanesey. I did something similar  during university days, I made and sold protein smoothies right outside of the gym entrance.

Lesson: Go where your market is located.

Who are they, where are they located? They are already interested in products related to this, so you have permission to sell them. Not to mention in this particular case – there is a willingness to assist local honey producers after seeing the plight of the bee populations. I should add they got some funny looks from other honey farmers attending…  probably jealous that they didn’t take advantage of this opportunity!

Textbook knowledge can’t compare with real world experience.

PS: if you’re thinking “oh what about a business license to do this or getting permission for this”.. relax. As the old saying goes – easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.  Work around these issues, the police aren’t going to chase after you.


You may have seen the films Slumdog Millionaire and City of God. If you haven’t, you need to get a life.  These movies resonate with me. Why?  because these kids are the real deal.

The reality is these kids are hustling, testing what works, what doesn’t and getting so good that they know exactly what works. You have to see them in action.  Ten year olds here in Canada ain’t got nothing on them.

I recently came across this video while browsing Ramit’s site ( all about personal finance  – seriously you must spend a solid day going through it).

First of all – I wish I could learn to speak more than 2 languages. Secondly,  how the hell  did he learn this?

Now I’ve mentioned before there is beauty in good enough. Yes that works in the short term, creates momentum when you’re getting started. But in the long term, you have to keep getting better, practicing what isn’t so normal.  If this little kid continues at this pace, he might be fluent in 7-8 languages by the time he’s an adult. I don’t know…

Author Malcolm Gladwell says it takes 10,000 hours in that famous book of his that everyone enjoys mentioning to me at dinner parties – Outliers.  I personally feel shorter, just always taking it one step further.

The other things is, what I’ve always thought, but really starting to realize is most of what we know comes from tinkering, doing things. The process of trial and error. For example the internet wasn’t made for its use is now, it was a military application. The list goes on for many other technologies.

And why aren’t these imaginative kids, making less than 5-10 dollars a day, not profiled in business magazines!?!

create your own t-shirt shop

I’ve been talking about t-shirts quite a bit, so I’ve decided to make some of my own!

I did some research and came across a few sites that allow you to do this for free – spreadshirt.com and cafepress.ca.  You can design your own shirts and they will take care of the shipping, invoicing etc.  All you have to do is come with a design and a description.  They give you a bit of commission when something gets sold. What a beautiful concept.

Now I just did this just to scratch my own itch. I’ve always wanted to try online, and so this allowed me to get the psychological barrier out of the mind.  Objective wasn’t to make profit in this case, but just do it. Learn the process behind it. I can improve it and make better designs later.

You can check out my shirt site by clicking here.  It’s called Lost In Time Shirts. It’s based on some of my favourite books & bands.

t-shirt site
t shirt site