Easter Weekend Shenanigans

Guess what I did over Easter Weekend? Cross country ski.  My first time since 2002. And it was  unreal. Why haven’t I taken advantage of this before?

I did it in Canmore, which is only 45 min drive from Calgary. Cost only 20 dollars to rent the skies/boots and you’re off! Okay also 20 dollars for the ski pass. But that is still quite the bargain compared to any Ski resort. Not to mention no lift lines.  Most importantly of all,  it was a lot of freaking FUN (once you get the hang of it).

It was a beautiful day with the sun shining on us. My good friend Justin won a silver medal at the Asian games for cross country ski racing a few years back. He has been bugging me and all us friends to try out this rather pedestrian looking sport for god knows how long.

Anyways, he finally persuaded us enough to do it. Some friends from Vancouver also joined us.

We got 1 hour lesson from him on the basics and boom we were off to the races. I won the relay.  The back of my arm muscles were aching the next day.

Coming down the hill paths was extremo fun. Not snowboarding or skiing downhill fast, but still super fast.  Some of us crashed and bailed. Landed on my ass few times, but once you tell yourself you won’t fall, you don’t fall.

Will consider again. The rocky mountains of Canmore were a spectacular setting. Need to go on more “holidays” within my locale.

A couple photo’s.


IMG_5264 (1)

Keep it loose,


don’t do list

What are things you don’t wanna do?

Who are people you want to avoid?

Information you seek to avoid.

It’s sort of a counter intuitive idea in these modern times. But it’s needed in this age of distraction to get anything done. It was something talked about by Stoics two thousand years ago: The Subtractive way. Also applies to diets as well, which is another topic.

Seneca believed removing things does more than adding things to your life.

Removing things from your list of things TO DO might help you finish those things you wanna do faster.

For example, I hate the fact I still check Facebook quite a bit sometimes in the middle of the work day.

Note to self: Perhaps making you’re number one on your Don’t Do list is to only check FB (this is short for Facebook) only at 5 pm. Maybe it’s deleting FB entirely.

Remove all the impediments towards getting more stuff DONE. When there is more disturbance in that flow, there are then more impediments to getting stuff out.

Now getting rid of FB entirely for me would be too much. I’m part of a private online business course/workshop groups (paid) on Facebook that I get a lot of value out – for that reason alone I frequent that site.  It’s not only checking out single girls photo’s.  We have discussions on creating online businesses.

So I’ll probably go with first option which is block FB during the day so I can focus on output.

BTW: There is a cool software out there called selfcontrol app.com.  It will stop you from checking certain websites until say 6 pm when you’re done work and back at your apartment.

Will experiment with this software this month and report back.

Hope you had a good Monday!


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fun side project: grass-fed beef website

Happy 2015!!!

During the 2nd half of 2014, I was working on a fun side project for a good friend.

I setup an online store for his grass fed beef business he had started the previous summer. I’m into healthy eating so this was a no brainer for me.

He needed help with creating a website. When he approached me I said hell yes. I was one of his first customers and thought it was great quality beef.  It comes from his ranch just outside of Calgary.

You can check it out his website if you’re interested.  It’s called Grazedright.com. 


We contemplated using WordPress initially, but ultimately decided to use Shopify.com.   Why? From my research, Shopify is great for selling physical goods. Easy, fast and reliable.

Now, he initially got sales by personally selling his beef to his personal contacts – friends during the summer of 2013.

So his business had already been validated. This is the number 1 rule in marketing. Spend more time getting customers and sales, then setting up time  etc organizing things that don’t matter – ie business cards and websites. I mentioned this in my How To Throw a Cocktail Event blog post which you can check out by clicking here.

Anyways, he wanted to 1. ) market his business using the power of the inter-webs. Secondly,  he wanted to collect payment through the website, instead of manually getting cash from clients or  doing email money transfers.

Enter me. I helped him set up the store, sort out nerdy tech stuff and choose/install the theme and sort out email with his business domain. Also do some copy writing on the site.

Some minor issues? Getting business tax set up from the government. Shopify has great customer support to sort out these details.

Apart from that, it was also good fun. This project has helped me improve my skills with shopify as well!

We’ve made a lot of progress so far.

Chat more laterz,


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dressing better

This is something I’ve known for a long time, but really noticed the difference when visiting NYC.

People dress way better in the Big Apple. They’re very trendy, like FIVE years ahead of us.  Happy to report all Canadians will be rocking leather skirts in 2019!!


But to be serious, I was starting to feel a little uneasy about my social confidence after seeing all these well dressed peeps.

“I need to get better fitting pants!” I said to myself.  Dudes rolled up there pants a bit more than usual in NYC.  Is that cool? What will people think if I did this in conservative Calgary?  All these stellar thoughts started entering my mind.

But overall, from my experience, you feel a whole lot BETTER when you dress better.  This maybe saying the obvious, but people perceive you quite differently when you wear a tailored suit vs. a sleeveless denim jacket. It’s the difference of actually having the sales reps talk to you. Try it out yourself.

Please don’t listen to this talk:  “it doesn’t matter how you look” and  “if you have to dress well,  than you’re not talking to the right people”. This is a fallacy.

My more fashion aware friends in Soho forced me to wear better fitting darks pants and dark shirt before we walked to this trendy roof top club. And guess what happened?  I definitely got more looks than usual.

BTW, I’ve heard that wearing leather boots on a date gives you a leg up. I’m gonna test this out.

On the Art of Manliness blog, they mention that shoes are VERY important  “despite covering only 5% of your body they can make-up more than 30% of the visual judgement we make when sizing up a stranger.”  Read more by clicking here. In other words:  Don’t wear some ragged ass beat up gym shoes on dates.

To get more deeper, this is all about the psychology of feeling good.  You want to be in a good mood more often.  There’s this idea called the state of transference. This means whatever state you’re in is the state the other person will feel too.  I’m not making this up!

If you’re laughing other people will also laugh. There is this book – Emotional intelligence- it elaborates on how we have mirror neurons where others can feel intuitively your emotional state.  It’s super fascinating. You can read a quick wikipedia version by clicking here.  Anyways, over time you wanna get to a point where your emotional state is based on yourself, not affected by others.

Wearing better clothes is a good start.

summer 2014 videos

I had a decently eventful summer this year. Many weddings attended. Not a lot of travelling apart from San Francisco and just very recently NYC.

I happened to document some of these memories onto video. Check ’em out:

Nothing too embarrassing I hope!! I edited the bad parts out.

Summer Shenanigans 2014:

Also my ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Vid

I ll get better at making these.  I really enjoy filming and editing.

Need to invest in some better tools ie video equipment. And devote more time to editing.



Updated my site to wordpress.org

What up peeps?

I recently updated my domain to a wordpress.org. This took me about 2-3 weeks to figure out. Thank you WordPress support for all the help.

My domain was originally hosted through wordpress.com. What’s the main difference? I now have more control on my blog now. I can do more custom themes and just do more interesting things.

You shall see.

For instance, I wanted to get this Sumo Me plugin that is free from appsumo.com. It helps me collect email addresses and it was only available to self-hosted wordpress.org sites.  Like this one now! Woo hoo.

There ya go.

Chat laterz,



routine tweaks

I’ve been making some slight tweaks to my routine of late. These are TWO of them.

1. What has had a tremendous effect on me in 2014?  Making my bed in the morning.

Why? One thing done. Little things matter.  This one simple task will give you momentum to get other things done throughout the day.

Apparently in Navy Seal training the first thing they would inspect is your BED. It had to be made first thing in the morning AND to perfection. Mine isn’t made to perfection, but it feels good to get one thing done.

2. Another is cell phone reminder at 2 pm and 3 pm that sends a note to me asking  “What are you doing now?”

photo (29)

















Around 2pm and 3 pm I notice I get a bit lazy. I start checking youtube or facebook.

So this simple little message reminds to focus on my To Do Tasks for the day which are at about 3-5.

Future tweaks:

I wanna experiment with selfcontrolapp.com .  It prevents you from checking facebook, youtube etc and keeps you productive.

Anyways that’s all for now! Off to bed.