everyone’s talking about this

This device you see here has been the starter of  many conversations and laughs at parties.

It’s a breath alcohol tester.  It gives you a rating on how hammered you are. I like to carry it with me at bars just to make sure no one drives home above the limit.  JK.

Okay actually because it’s just a lot of fun! Everyone gets curious to see what there rating is.  It becomes something to talk about.

It doesn’t have to be a nifty gadget either.

It’s when your buddy mentions at a party how godlike amazing Under Cover of Darkness (click to  have a  listen!!) by The Strokes sounds.

Or that favourite author or killer new Iphone app – it’s why two people start chatting and relating to one another.

You do it without thinking in conversation all the time.

So that’s also the warning: make a product that can incite conversation! That is the cornerstone of any marketing.

learn from ogilvy

I don’t care what job your in – you need sales skills.

Selling gets the bad label sometimes of manipulation, but it’s about articulation. A doctor is in sales as well. He has to get the patients to believe a certain pill will calm there fears about a certain illness. Sometimes a good doctors best advice would be not give the patient anything.  Talking as if it was your family member.  Why it’s worth paying for.

I recently came across this little video devoted to David Ogilvy. He gives ideas on everything. I’ve read Ogilvy on Advertising and going to pick up Confessions of Ad Man soon.

He’s a funny, down to earth kinda of guy . His writing is quite compelling and he talks in the same manner.  Here’s some principles by a great man.

goo goo go joob

I’ve come across an awesome John Lennon interview done back in 1969 with a 14-year-old kid in Toronto. Must have been very intimidating just to talk to him at that age, if any age. Remarkably  the kid asks such poignant questions almost as if he knew Lennon liked giving vague, yet witty answers.

Now I really enjoyed the artistry behind this video. Lennon’s philosophy for the next 11 years is all told here in powerful, amazing visual form. I mean must have taken a lot of dedication and time to make this. Rather than detracting from his words, the abstract images here are so well executed they enhance it.

And his message is relevant today as it was said 40 years ago.  PS: Remember to pause it at 4:19.


I came across a very cool video this weekend. A Dad and son team somehow put an HD Camera, use an iphone for GPS and balloon together and sent it off to space, to record space!

Honestly, if this was some MIT engineers I’d think, yeah whatever big deal. But because it was this seemingly normal cool Dad doing a science project with his kid makes it super amazing.

And the footage is just trippy. I recommend getting some snacks and putting the speakers to max to get a feel full effects of this space recording! How did they manage to get up there is beyond my understanding of science. But someone was curious enough to try. If there wasn’t that, none of this would happen. We all do things because we are curious. If doesn’t interest you, you don’t do it.  There is no monetary reason to record space, but they did it just because it was fun.  Cheers to that.

why you should care

On my recent travels I was fortunate to have gone trekking in the Kathmandu valley of Nepal with my brother. During our stay, there was news of a Maoist strike planned for Kathmandu city.  This threat ended our trekking tour prematurely – as we were forced to drive into Kathmandu a day early.

Now the trekking tour manager informed us that he would make up for the lost night and dinner included in our package.  So he offered to take us on some excursions around Kathmandu the next day, as the Maoist strike was later canceled!

He never showed up the next day. And why would he? He already had our money. Whats it to him? A whole lot.  The fact that I didn’t get full value for my money is not what most bothered me, but the fact that this guy lost any goodwill  I’d have of spreading word about his company to my family and friends.

All he had to do was offer something, anything to make me feel he cared about my experience. Just some effort to appease the customer on his part would have helped his company far more long term, then this short term gain.

This post isn’t to persuade others not to travel Nepal. It’s an awesome, outer worldly experience from the modern bustle of North America. Walking around buildings, temples that are thousands of years old is an experience you can’t quantify.

However, if someones asking me about trekking tours in Nepal, I will say it was a decent experience. It could have been an awesome experience, but it was just okay because of this encounter.  Whether this trekking company manager realizes it or not, he also represent Nepal tourism to me, my first impression. I will be more cautious agreeing to a tour next time I visit Nepal. But others who encounter this kind of service might never return to Nepal!

Whats the point?

The best kind of marketing is actually giving a damn. Make your customers experience with you a positive one.  Something worth remembering. You want them to leave your business being an happy, enthusiastic, walking spokesperson for your company.  Focus on this far outweighs all the thousands some companies spend on marketing brochures explaining all there nifty products and services.  Listen, have some empathy and you might win a customer for life.