Ten Apple Watch ideas

photo credit: Susie Ochs
photo credit: Susie Ochs

Happy August y’all,

Recently got back in the habit of writing ten ideas down every day. One of the subjects I decided to brain storm on was the new Apple Watch.

While I was travelling in Scotland recently, one of my friends was wearing the new Apple Watch.  He had one app in particular that’s a way better than that  super annoying but popular – selfie stick.

There is a timer photo app that allows you to put your iPhone on a ledge for instance and snap a photo using the watch. Nifty fifty.

I feel right now is the best time to create an app for this newly created Apple Watch platform. Why? Less competition for starters.

I read an article  by Andrew Chen called ” The race for Apple Watch’s killer app” where he talks about what ingredients are necessary for a killer Watch app. Among other things in this article he talks about the mobile apps for iphone led to huge companies like Snapchat, Uber, and Whatsapp.  Similar things could happen with wearable apps.


Without further adieu, here are my Apple Watch Apps that I would like use. It doesn’t matter that they already exist or not, I think they would be helpful for me:

  1.  Universal translator: It listens to the spanish/hindi/chinese speaker etc. Voice translation in English. I realize this is a Star Trek level app.

  2. Tells you how many laps you complete in the pool (water proof cover)

  3. Tells you how many yards you are from the golf hole. So you know what iron to use.

  4. Tells you how fast your golf/tennis/etc swing is. Is this possible? Who knows.

  5. In busy traffic, gives route suggestions when driving using google api.

  6. For elderly people sends notifications to important family members when they fall down.

  7. Dims the lights in your living room for sexy time (9 pm)

  8. Sends notifications when your fav roknrol band announces tour date/venue in your ciudad.

  9.  Sends me healthy paleo style dinner after my workout is complete while driving home.

  10. Alerts you when someone mentions you on fb or twitter or instragram or linked in.

bonus:   Tap your apple watch next to visa machine. Don’t need to get your credit card out. BOOM.



Closing all tabs

It’s Friday! What’s shaking?

Closing all tabs on the computer after the day comes to an end is a big mind relief.  Sounds funny even to type this out. It’s the feeling of done.

Same thing with making bed or finishing a book. It’s done. The mind can start anew.  I’m mean if you honestly can’t finish the article THEN throw it on delicious (it bookmarks online articles masterfully) and save it! Bam.  Make some notes in the comment area for the bookmark and refer to that the next day.

Main thing is to eliminate it by end of the day or maximum two days is gonna be my new mantra. Might take awhile to make this feel normal as it’s only been a few days, but definitely gonna try this more. I definitely feel there is huge production gains.

Before I’d keep things open for 3 days thinking it’s something I need to refer to.

But you know what?  Seeing your previous days tabs again in the morning just nags you. So you have to close the tabs.   Because you want to start the next day with a blank canvas.

Try it out.

my first iphone app

It’s the middle of the night.

You have this non-stop craving for something delicious.

Something worthy of your taste buds.

For me that urge is only fulfilled by the middle east taco known as shawarma. 

Sometimes after a night out, I had trouble finding the nearest shawarma restaurant to my location. I would then have to do a google search. My fingers would usually mess up the spelling.. it was too much of a hassle.

I would then ponder late at night in my bed, while staring at my ceiling fan, and ask myself the really BIG questions of life. One of them was:

 “Why isn’t there a simple app that.. with one press of a button could DO THIS FOR ME!?”

So I put these two ideas together (iphone app & shawarma locator) like a genius, and decided to create  something.

It’s called Nearest Shawarma.

home screen

So please check my app out, FINALLY in the App store after two rejections (I explain why later). Click below.

app store button 

Once you download it to your Iphone,  you can see it’s a fairly simple app that shows you the closest place  you can chow down on shawarma goodness from ANYWHERE in the world. For free.

How cool is that? It’s pretty cool.

Now please repeat after me:

Thou shall never go to bed without a shawarma in ze tummy.

Thou shall never go to bed without a shawarma in ze tummy.

Just doing my bit for society.

So a question I got from friends while making the app was:  what about the money?

Well the goal wasn’t to make money on this first one.  It was just to learn the process behind making an app.

And it’s definitely been a learning experience. I’ve outsourced some things before, but this was different stress. When I use the word stress, I really mean eustress – one that’s healthy for you.  Figuring out how to do something you’ve never done before is always uneasy at first, in this case –  working with Apple and finding a good Iphone App Developer.

Drawing out the idea, communicating it’s functionality, learning a little about enabling google API’s (this is what finds the restaurants) and other nerdy stuff, etc.

It wasn’t that difficult either, but it required some persistence.  Lots of email/skype chats early morning/late nights since my developer, who I found on odesk.com,  lived in Eastern Europe. I oddly enjoyed it.

The reason why it was rejected a few times because it was reviewed as too simple of an app. I had to add features, such as the Favourites button, to make it of higher quality. Or perhaps the Apple reviewer  was having a bad day when I first submitted it (I’ve heard of some people’s app being approved without much in changes).

Also  – It helps to type out the procedures of re-submitting the app as well.

This is where the design for the App icon came from.  Remixing ideas. I knew a RED icon would stand out on the screen. I sent this to my developer’s team.

app icon idea

Make sure you find a developer who can speak English clearly and will communicate with you at least every 2-3 days. Take your time hiring the developer as it will save a lot time. Hire slow, fire fast.

Anywaaaays, I’m now off to the bar to celebrate.  Just in case you’re too lazy to scroll up and check it out:  Here’s the link again.

Any comments or feedback welcomed.



tools to help you kick ass

Nerd time. Some tools I use to get things done.

Evernote: Use this to eliminate paper as much as you can, just scan it and you can easily search for the document later, because it finds those words in the scanned document. GENIUS.  No need to remember anything ever again. For free.

Delicious: Allows you to access all your bookmarks from  any computer. Get the Mozilla add-on. It has fundamentally changed how I find and save funny, interesting, any kinda of information on the net.

Dropbox: Don’t need external hard drives (usb) or email to back up your files. More secure than a big investment bank.

A notebook: Yeah that’s right-  a notebook. Helps you jot down ideas or whatever comes to mind on the spot.  I trust writing stuff down more than the best memory in the world.

are robots are taking over?

I recently found one of these babies at a friends place this past week.

Its called the iRobot Roombe and it cleans your floor, and afterwards goes back to its docking station. This may seem like “so what? ” to some people, but this blew my mind.  Are we that far off from technological wonderland that was the 80’s cartoon, the Jetsons? When can I have robot cleaning lady who takes away my dirty dishes and puts in the washer? Hopefully by the end of this decade.  Or is this convenience just another reason to be more lazy? I don’t think so.

We should embrace robots to do the things we don’t want to do, like cleaning our floors, so we can have more leisure time. This is the reason why we have cars, instead of riding horses, why they invented airplanes instead of ships to travel long distances. I patiently await the supersonic Maglev trains of the future. Imagine Tokyo to London in 3.5 hours.

Hollywood does an amazing job of portraying a Terminator 2 type future.  A doomsday scenario where we will all be enslaved by robots. There is some merit to that. Aren’t we already to our cellphones? I’ve seen it countless times at restaurants, two people at a table busy texting to someone (maybe to one another, who knows) for up to 10 mins, instead of chatting to one another. Remember the film Wall-E? We become fat asses and just press buttons, that this eventual artificial world will separate us from nature. That is true if its used that way. The end of the movie showed that technology properly used will help humans cultivate their true nature – that it must be subordinate to human progress, and help move that along.

why guitar hero rules

Heidi Klum rocking out to Guitar Hero:

Now Heidi is just loving it, going crazy on the plastic guitar pretending she’s Tom Cruise from Risky Business. She probably can’t actually play a real guitar, but that doesn’t matter.  This is the closest she can get to that feeling. And that’s what made Guitar Hero and Rock Band so popular and addictive. People want technology that transports them deeper inside the things they love. How can you leverage technology to do the same in your business? So your customers can also join in the fun. But also do so in a way without the hassle of being in a rok’n’rol band, or being GM of professional sports team (fantasy sports) or being a shoe designer (NikeiD) ?

the beauty of good enough

ze strokes circa 2001

Isn’t it kinda of  odd the best music comes from dark ages of a recession, after the bubble bursts? That’s what happened after the dot.com bubble of 2000. Nu-Metal, boy bands out, new garage rock bands in! THANK GOD.

The White Stripes and The Strokes came out with albums in 2001 and  became the new poster boys of cool.  To a generation of mp3 freeloaders, rock music is supposed to sound lo-fi. Lo Fi, distorted, rough, the imperfections made it perfect. What matters is if the message is important. Then people will listen regardless.  There wasn’t HD quality video of the demonstrations in Iran, but the video cameras on the phones will do! What about the fuzzy twitter pic of the plane landing in the Hudson river?  How did Paranormal Activity made on a shoe string 30,000 budget become the most profitable movie of all time?

Everyone has a voice now due to low cost, easy use, always available technology. The world is better for it.