The best people move fast.

The best people move fast.

One productivity tactic I’ve been aiming to get better at is following up with people immediately after they contact me.

If they email me I answer it right away once I open it.

Short and imperfect is better than wasting time deliberating what to say.

Out of mind, out of sight.

Apparently this is also the the #1 productivity tip of Sheryl Sandberg, the un-official CEO of Facebook. You can google it.

I’ve also been doing this when people text me.

Now of course if I’m at the Arcade Fire concert or in a movie or driving in my car there will be a delay. Because that activity is the priority.

You gotta figure out what’s the priority for you. Maybe it’s based on the relationship.

Getting back to people has been one of my weak spots. Maybe no longer after this.

Let’s see how this evolves. The point is to make decisions faster.

Easter Weekend Shenanigans

Guess what I did over Easter Weekend? Cross country ski.  My first time since 2002. And it was  unreal. Why haven’t I taken advantage of this before?

I did it in Canmore, which is only 45 min drive from Calgary. Cost only 20 dollars to rent the skies/boots and you’re off! Okay also 20 dollars for the ski pass. But that is still quite the bargain compared to any Ski resort. Not to mention no lift lines.  Most importantly of all,  it was a lot of freaking FUN (once you get the hang of it).

It was a beautiful day with the sun shining on us. My good friend Justin won a silver medal at the Asian games for cross country ski racing a few years back. He has been bugging me and all us friends to try out this rather pedestrian looking sport for god knows how long.

Anyways, he finally persuaded us enough to do it. Some friends from Vancouver also joined us.

We got 1 hour lesson from him on the basics and boom we were off to the races. I won the relay.  The back of my arm muscles were aching the next day.

Coming down the hill paths was extremo fun. Not snowboarding or skiing downhill fast, but still super fast.  Some of us crashed and bailed. Landed on my ass few times, but once you tell yourself you won’t fall, you don’t fall.

Will consider again. The rocky mountains of Canmore were a spectacular setting. Need to go on more “holidays” within my locale.

A couple photo’s.


IMG_5264 (1)

Keep it loose,


don’t do list

What are things you don’t wanna do?

Who are people you want to avoid?

Information you seek to avoid.

It’s sort of a counter intuitive idea in these modern times. But it’s needed in this age of distraction to get anything done. It was something talked about by Stoics two thousand years ago: The Subtractive way. Also applies to diets as well, which is another topic.

Seneca believed removing things does more than adding things to your life.

Removing things from your list of things TO DO might help you finish those things you wanna do faster.

For example, I hate the fact I still check Facebook quite a bit sometimes in the middle of the work day.

Note to self: Perhaps making you’re number one on your Don’t Do list is to only check FB (this is short for Facebook) only at 5 pm. Maybe it’s deleting FB entirely.

Remove all the impediments towards getting more stuff DONE. When there is more disturbance in that flow, there are then more impediments to getting stuff out.

Now getting rid of FB entirely for me would be too much. I’m part of a private online business course/workshop groups (paid) on Facebook that I get a lot of value out – for that reason alone I frequent that site.  It’s not only checking out single girls photo’s.  We have discussions on creating online businesses.

So I’ll probably go with first option which is block FB during the day so I can focus on output.

BTW: There is a cool software out there called selfcontrol  It will stop you from checking certain websites until say 6 pm when you’re done work and back at your apartment.

Will experiment with this software this month and report back.

Hope you had a good Monday!


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goo goo go joob

I’ve come across an awesome John Lennon interview done back in 1969 with a 14-year-old kid in Toronto. Must have been very intimidating just to talk to him at that age, if any age. Remarkably  the kid asks such poignant questions almost as if he knew Lennon liked giving vague, yet witty answers.

Now I really enjoyed the artistry behind this video. Lennon’s philosophy for the next 11 years is all told here in powerful, amazing visual form. I mean must have taken a lot of dedication and time to make this. Rather than detracting from his words, the abstract images here are so well executed they enhance it.

And his message is relevant today as it was said 40 years ago.  PS: Remember to pause it at 4:19.