Going to Extremes

I am enrollled in the Lights Film School program, and I’ve recently come across something amazing while going through the notes on screenwriting.

” The main character is going need motivation, which will drive them towards action in a quest to accomplish their goal”.


Have you ever imagined your life as if you’re the main character in your own movie. Whenever I feel stagnate about something I remind myself of this and shift gears towards what makes me excited about life: ¬†learning new skills, doing something I haven’t done before. Being comfortable being uncomfortable.

So what makes an intriguing main character?

1 Something Must be at Risk.

2 Motivation threatened by an oppressing force in order to create a sense of doubt

3 Must be challenging to achieve, sort of transformation takes place, through a series of obstacles.

I had a massive smile on my face when I read this. Without adventure what would be the point of living? But you say ” Don’t you know anything… films are designed to sell and please peoples fantasies, that doesn’t happen in real life you young naive moron!” ¬†You’re probably right. Not everyone can be James Bond. But what if you really got up tomorrow and decided to live that way?

Zorba said it best, “Life is trouble, only death is not. To be alive you’ve got to undo your belt and look for trouble”.

You gotta make it happen

Lots of people are always searching for the BIG idea, that one idea that will make them millions of dollars. They will ponder for days, months turn into years, addicted to all the power porn they’ve been reading in Fast Company waiting for the epiphany to hit them straight in-between the eyes. I am telling you right now that hasn’t worked for me yet and its probably a BIG WASTE OF TIME and ENERGY for you as well. I went with the idea of starting a blog.

You can make one in less than 30 seconds:



Easy. Welcome to You. Inc What do you write about? Anything you want. Any ideas you feel are worth spreading. Start small. You might think its a good idea but perhaps its not for you. I definitely thought it was a waste of time until I started to get a few responses at eyeknow.wordpress.com. I used to post about some cool electronic or a book review I did or some tunes I liked and people responded! It became addicting, so kept on keeping on.

Execution of idea is far more important than just having an idea. Cos anyone can have an idea. I know this is gonna sound cliche, but the best thing about ideas is they’re free! They only result in value until you act on them and make it a reality.