this is how you write a great headline.

I’ve been studying copy writing for the past 2-3 years very closely.

Today  I will write about an ad I really loved.

One habit I got into when I began studying copy writing is saving cool ads I see. Every time I come across an effective advertisement I immediately save the image or take photo of it and save it on my Iphone.

I keep a swipe image folder in my phone devoted to this called Swipe.  I also have one on my desktop of my lap top called Swipe. You should make one too if you’re into improving your copy skills.

Recently, while browsing twitter (I still love twitter) I came across this famous ad from 80’s (?). I’m not a huge car guy, but this headline sucked me in 4 seconds.


Now that’s a great headline. Nailing it.  I haven’t seen many ads by this company, but I would say this is the Porsche of Porsche ads.

One common thing I noticed about old ads:

  1. Huge Headline to grab your attention. And Makes you want to read the next line.
  2. Image relevant to what’s being sold.
  3.  The copy.

One thing I really liked about this ad is the ending sentence. “It is, in fact, the Porsche of stereos.” Tying it all together. Nice copy.

More importantly it proves a point about copy.  It doesn’t have to be scammy sounding to grab people’s attention.  That’s what my initial thought was when I first heard about copy writing and marketing. I kept seeing bullshit headlines on the web like –  ” How to make passive income online in 50 days!” Doesn’t have to be like that.

What does this ad make you feel? Great copy almost doesn’t even register. It just makes you want to spend money.


Reading party in the park! Part three

Yo peeps,

I hosted my third Reading Party In The Park a couple weeks ago! About 20 people showed up. Though almost 30 folks confirmed with me.

Flakes I tell ya.

I did one last year which you can read about by clicking here. I had roughly the same turn out.

There was some healthy snacks like sliced cantaloupe and watermelon.  I also had cans of San Pellegrino for anyone who came cos I’m fancy.

I was personally reading a memoir by Jerry Weintraub called “When I Stop Talking You ll know I’m dead.” He was a famous talent agent that worked with everyone in the entertainment industry – ie. Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Clooney, etc.  Fun, light read.

Two people randomly brought the same book to the party ! It was Daring Greatly by Bene Brown. I should pick that up soon. Great minds think alike I suppose.

Below are some pics from the event:











P.S. I’ll write a post soon on the books I’ve been reading this summer.  Don’t forget to get  yo READ on.





Ten Apple Watch ideas

photo credit: Susie Ochs
photo credit: Susie Ochs

Happy August y’all,

Recently got back in the habit of writing ten ideas down every day. One of the subjects I decided to brain storm on was the new Apple Watch.

While I was travelling in Scotland recently, one of my friends was wearing the new Apple Watch.  He had one app in particular that’s a way better than that  super annoying but popular – selfie stick.

There is a timer photo app that allows you to put your iPhone on a ledge for instance and snap a photo using the watch. Nifty fifty.

I feel right now is the best time to create an app for this newly created Apple Watch platform. Why? Less competition for starters.

I read an article  by Andrew Chen called ” The race for Apple Watch’s killer app” where he talks about what ingredients are necessary for a killer Watch app. Among other things in this article he talks about the mobile apps for iphone led to huge companies like Snapchat, Uber, and Whatsapp.  Similar things could happen with wearable apps.


Without further adieu, here are my Apple Watch Apps that I would like use. It doesn’t matter that they already exist or not, I think they would be helpful for me:

  1.  Universal translator: It listens to the spanish/hindi/chinese speaker etc. Voice translation in English. I realize this is a Star Trek level app.

  2. Tells you how many laps you complete in the pool (water proof cover)

  3. Tells you how many yards you are from the golf hole. So you know what iron to use.

  4. Tells you how fast your golf/tennis/etc swing is. Is this possible? Who knows.

  5. In busy traffic, gives route suggestions when driving using google api.

  6. For elderly people sends notifications to important family members when they fall down.

  7. Dims the lights in your living room for sexy time (9 pm)

  8. Sends notifications when your fav roknrol band announces tour date/venue in your ciudad.

  9.  Sends me healthy paleo style dinner after my workout is complete while driving home.

  10. Alerts you when someone mentions you on fb or twitter or instragram or linked in.

bonus:   Tap your apple watch next to visa machine. Don’t need to get your credit card out. BOOM.



creating tiny habits


I have been inconsistent with my blogging.   This is a quick one to get back in the habit.

Appropriately this one is about creating tiny habits.

Back in April, I did this free online course called 3 Tiny Habits offered by Stanford professor BJ Fogg. He’s behaviour scientist who I actually met once at a conference in NYC – Behaviour Con.

This whole course is devoted to creating skills needed to create new habits. I’m interested in this because let’s face it  – everything you do in this life is made up of habits. It’s not necessarily self-help either. It’s also about designing solutions for others.

I would argue success for most businesses depends on creating habits in customers . It’s a topic that can change the world. A lot of innovative companies like Google are successful because it creates new habits for million of people.

Anyways, in this post I want to describe his course and what I got out of it. He asks you to pick 3 new healthy habits that you want in your life.  The 3 tiny habits I chose to focus on were:

1. After I brush I will floss one tooth.
2. When I get to work I will write one line in my note book.
3. After I put my head on the pillow . I will think of one good thing from the day.
Now if you notice, these 3 new habits are pretty simple.  And they are created after I do an existing habit.  He calls these ‘anchor’ habits.
For instance I wake up in the morning and automatically brush my teeth. I hope you do as well.  He mentions for you to create a new ‘tiny’ habit it must be these 3 things:
1. you do it at least once a day
2. takes you less than 30 seconds and
3. requires little effort.
He’s found that motivation can’t be relied on for creating new habit. It’s not sustainable, because it requires work.  Yet everyone thinks they need more “motivation”.
Here’s a quick real life example – do you remember how busy your local gym was in January? People had new years resolutions to get more fit, sexy, etc and they have all this motivation. Then what happens at the gym? 2 weeks later it’s back to it’s normal level of people. 
What the hell does this MEAN?
Motivation is great for getting you started, but it’s horrible to get you finished. Hence why you need GOOD habits.  (Btw: I don’t think motivation is bad thing. You should have something that gets you excited in the morning).
This is the reasoning behind his simple methodology.  It should be as effortless as possible.
He also talks about feeling victorious after you do each habit.  So I actually mentally rehearsed all these habits once and said “victory! or “nailed it!”  to myself before even doing it. He explains what you say to yourself is key for rapid habit formation. I definitely found that to be true. Humans seek pleasure and avoid pain.
This online course is a 5 day session structured that  I had to email him  YYY or YNY or NNN ( yes – y and no – n) to completing these three tiny habits at the end of the day.
Below is a screen shot of an email I’d get each day.
tiny habits email
Take aways / What surprised me?
That I needed to be make my habits super simple for them stick. Also I needed to change the anchor.
For instance my last habit – thinking of one good thing after put on my head on pillow –  was something I should have changed to  – write one thing down in my notebook I feel grateful for. That felt more concrete than just thinking about it. Also, once I’m in bed I fall asleep pretty quick. Not a time for thinking.
For my 2nd habit –  ‘when I get to work I will write one line in my note book‘ – My anchor was a bit vague. It needed to be more specific. When I sit down at the desk, take out my lap top and my notebook from my bag THEN I will write one line down in my notebook.  It needs to be more precise to get done. Writing one line is super easy too.
If I said write for 5 mins in my notebook –  that time interval would make it 10x harder to implement.
One thing actually he stresses is that revision is part of the process.  He gives a lot of helpful hints to make this all easier in his emails too. I will try it out again and maybe you should too.
If you want to get a deeper understanding of this topic check out his website –
 Hope this got you EXCITED to create new habits!!
Till next time,
Nishant (Trying to create new habits) Mehrotra

how to make hot cocoa – video

I’ve been a little obsessed with my vitamix machine ever since I bought it about 2 weeks ago. I’ve been making delicious smoothies twice a day with anything I can find my fridge. And I mean freaking EVERYTHING.  Every conceivable vegetable/fruit combination you can imagine.

I haven’t thrown up yet. God bless America.

I decided to make one of my favourite hot beverages of all time last night.  Hot chocolate. Yes this machine is even capable of making hot soups (that’s next!) and hot beverages such as hot cocoa.

Here’s a quick how-to video from last night. Fun times.

check it out:



Closing all tabs

It’s Friday! What’s shaking?

Closing all tabs on the computer after the day comes to an end is a big mind relief.  Sounds funny even to type this out. It’s the feeling of done.

Same thing with making bed or finishing a book. It’s done. The mind can start anew.  I’m mean if you honestly can’t finish the article THEN throw it on delicious (it bookmarks online articles masterfully) and save it! Bam.  Make some notes in the comment area for the bookmark and refer to that the next day.

Main thing is to eliminate it by end of the day or maximum two days is gonna be my new mantra. Might take awhile to make this feel normal as it’s only been a few days, but definitely gonna try this more. I definitely feel there is huge production gains.

Before I’d keep things open for 3 days thinking it’s something I need to refer to.

But you know what?  Seeing your previous days tabs again in the morning just nags you. So you have to close the tabs.   Because you want to start the next day with a blank canvas.

Try it out.

number one marketer


I’m going to make a bold claim here.

You know who I think is the Number one marketer of all time?  Guess.  You would never guess it: Buddha .

He became so popular in India within 50 years and eventually the rest of Asia and by how ?  By expressing how his philosophy works for him. He told people how something worked for him. His friends tried it and it worked for them too. Ashoka The Great of India loved his philosophy and spread the message even further. The cycle continued, etc.


Same thing I noticed with Richard Branson. His biggest following I found to be isn’t on facebook or twitter but on linked in!  He’s known as this cool, adrenaline junkie businessman. You should follow him on LinkedIn and also add me on while you’re at it (click here).

He recently wrote a piece on the importance of taking notes.  And it reasoned with a lot of people. Initially I was dumb founded by this. Why? Because as  a billionaire he’s probably disconnected from the average worker.  But the thing is people relate to him because despite his luxury lifestyle, he has habits that are relatable and plus he’s writing from his perspective, which is all he can do. Being a sorta of hippie and having long hair must help too in promoting his Virgin empire.

Other things is because of the internet, everyone (even you) is getting smarter and smarter if they’re curious enough. You can find anything you didn’t know about 2 mins before.  It’s hard to be too dishonest with people nowadays like say in 1920 or even 1980’s: or even a thousand years ago during the time of Buddha. You can only say how it works for you !! That’s why people skip descriptions and go straight to reviews.   They want to know if others like them found your product worthwhile.

Some random thoughts 😉

Peace out.