how good of a listener are you?

Do your friends compliment you on how awesome you are at knowing what they want?  Cos you know exactly your friends taste, her preferences, what would make her so happy that she starts saying thank you! thank you! over and over again? When your hip hop club loving friends enter your car, do you start playing Kasabian?? (cos they’re really awesome) Hell no! You play them Jay Z, Kanye, Notorious, cos these artists fits their mood. You have to know your audience. It pays to know your audience.  You adjust to their tunings.

Obviously this isn’t so easy. Most people are self-interested, including me. People think everything is glorious in their world and don’t understand how life is for someone else. And it can’t be what you think they want either, but what they actually desire.

Instead what happens is companies shove all this crap down our throats that no one cares about.  What they don’t get is it just makes them look great to themselves only!  And that annoying theme song actually makes me want to destroy your business with a bazooka. Cos if it doesn’t address our concerns, why should we care about it?  We only care until it caters to us. Start listening.