does your neighbourhood need 10 lawnmowers?

People are using the internet more often and sometimes forgetting there is a world outside that. Well thankfully there are initiatives like Neighborgoods that are bringing the online and real world closer together. is an online community where you can save and earn money by sharing stuff with your friends.

Check out the video (and notice the nifty logo):

Now I had a bit of chuckle of when the narrator mentioned “sharing feels good!” and thought what a bunch of hippie nonsense. But I mean why the hell not? This would reduce crime in the neighbourhood, because it would mean you actually have to talk to your neighbour, and best of all as mentioned in the video….. Why store useless crap in your garage when you can rent or borrow from a neighbour?!  This relates to studies showing that doing interesting things, experiences lead to happiness more so than buying and owning things. At the same time you need some stuff to enjoy and have these experiences! But not to the point when owning something becomes a liability.