power to the people

Music is the domain of everyone and it’s great to see bands sharing the value with others.

Oasis took on innovative marketing campaign back in 2008 in promotion of their last album, Dig Out Your Soul, by giving away  unreleased music to street musicians at NYC subway stations. This way thousands of people  would listen to four new Oasis tracks, from the ground up – by buskers who might have made money off famous Oasis covers in the past. However,  this time they got directly paid for doing it. How legendary is that!? They would mention they are playing new Oasis tracks, backed with album poster and then perform the tunes in their own interpretation. This is a nice slap in the face of other bands who keep songs hush hush before the release date…aaah true OASIS.

The clip below describes it all:

One of musicians mentioned  his rent between 1996-2000 was paid off the back of the tune Wonderwall. Liam Gallagher interjects and says its helped pay for his as well! Playing for the love of music. Personally I just loved listening to the different versions of the tunes. This creates more interest in the songs and that’s what its all about. If someone were to like the tune, she might be curious to hear how it sounds originally or to check them out in concert.

Other thoughts

While watching the tunes being played, I wonder would people stop and be in awe if Oasis themselves actually decided to play as street musicians in the subway? Would they attract the same crowds without of course anyone knowing its actually them performing? Because these street musicians are also very talented, and if they were marketed differently and put in a concert format, perhaps they would receive similar adoration as Oasis? I’d assume the casual music fan might not care, but the hardcore fan would know the difference. I’d like to see a big band experiment with that.