No Surprises: make all costs known

I was looking for a travel deal on the excellent, but when I got to the checkout I almost had a panic attack.

Why are they scaring us at the checkout? When you get to  the finish line, they add a whopping 174.91 in tax!  I thought I was getting the most amazing deal ever, but they ruined the experience right at the end.  I just wanted to exit the browser. Not sure if they A/B test this? Cos I am guessing it might lead to some exits.   I do like how they give a 12.00 discount to take the sting off a bit.

This also reminds me of how the brilliant Australians have the taxes and tipping (at many restaurants) ALL included in the price. You know exactly what you are paying for from the get go. The price looks  inflated in the beginning, yes, but in the end you don’t have to worry about calculating everything. You leave happy.