thank you is underrated

One of the great things about small business is the way it makes  us feel connected to our customers. I sometimes think small companies don’t take full advantage of that!

So next time you shoot an email or letter to your client list, why not just say thank you? No sales, upgrade, renewal pitch – just a genuine, no strings thank you.

Try including your phone number as well –  to show you really care. Encourage them to talk to you.  I really feel its that simple since most companies hide there phone number from you.  And what would happen? You would make them happy!

By the way I have recently come across one of the most amazing sites on the internet devoted to thank you, its called The site is devoted to gathering famous letters, memos, etc  by the likes of Gandhi, Conan O’Brien and even Barack Obama. It’s pretty awesome to see how these people write! Obama’s letter to Yann Martel is really nice.  Also check out this letter written in 1964 by the product marketing manager of Campbell’s sent to Andy Warhol, who had just displayed his now world famous Campbell’s soup cans.